Kamen Rider Fouze Rumors

Official Kamen Rider Fourze Staff & Cast

After getting a few rumors in the past few days, we finally got the official list of staff and cast for the upcoming 13th Heisei Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Fourze. They were revealed in the latest issue of Uchuusen Magazine.


    * Original: Shotaro Ishinomori
    * Script: Kazuki Nakajima (Gurren Lagann (TV & Movie), Oh! Edo Rocket, Re: Cutie Honey, Nodame Cantabile: Finale, Chu-Bra!! and Some Shin Chan Movie)
    * Director: Koichi Sakamoto (Kamen Rider W Forever A to Z Gaia Memories, Ultra Ginga Dentsetsu)
    * Action Director: Tsuyoshi Miyazaki (Japan Action Enterprise)
    * Special Effect Director: Butsuda Hiroshi (SFX Institute)
    * Producer: Kengo Motoi (TV Asahi), Tsukada Hideaki, Kazuhiro Takahashi(Toei)

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●CAST (from left to right)

    * Kisaragi Gentaro - Sota Fukushi
    * Kasei Kengo - Ryuki Takahashi
    * Joujima Yuuki - Fumika Shimizu
    * Miwa - Rikako Sakata
    * Daimonji Hayabusa - Tomimori Justin
    * Nozama Yuuko - Shiho
    * JK (Jake)- Tsuchiya Shion
    * Sonoda Sarina - Konan Yuka
    * Osugi Chuta - Tanaka Takushi (Ungirls)
    * Mysterious Man - Tsurumi Shingo

Kamen Rider Fourze Character Profiles

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With the press conference happened a few hours ago, the official site for Kamen Rider Fourze had finally opened. This features the 13th Heisei Kamen Rider series' story and character profiles.

Gentaro Kisaragi, a new transfer student at Amanogawa Academy says "I will become friends with everyone" on his first day and creates the "Kamen Rider" club. That's how he came to know Kengo Kasei. That Kengo is the one who first had the Fourze Driver, but he gives it to Gentaro which drastically changes his life.

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Kamen Rider Fourze can insert different “Astro Switches” into the Fourze Driver to affect his legs and arms. The switches represents the following: Right arm - Rocket, Right leg - Launcher, Left arm - Radar, and Left leg - Drill.

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From left to right: JK, Tomoko, Sarina, Miwa, Shun, Chuuta, Kengo, Gentaro, Yuuki and Mysterious Man

Gentaro Kisaragi (Sota Fukushi): The main character of the series, second year. He recently transferred to Amanogawa Academy. He's a bad boy rocking a short pompadour hairstyle. He declares that he will become friends with everyone in the school. He meets Kengo Utahoshi, as if it was destined for them to meet. Gentaro receives the Fourze Driver and starts the Kamen Rider club in school. He seems to be an idiotic character.

Kengo Utahoshi (Ryuki Takahashi): The main character's partner, second year. A young man who had the mysterious switches. He's a key person to the whole story. His locker seems to be distorting space and he's somehow able to reach the moon base, "Rabbit Hutch" through the locker. He's also able to pull out the super bike "Machine Masshigler". He might be physically weak, but he has strong heart full of will.

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Yuuki Joujima (Fumika Shimizu): The heroine of the story, second year. She's Gentaro's childhood friend. She's a bright and cheerful high school student, she refers herself as a "space nerd". She usually heads over to JAXA after school. JAXA is like some space thing in Japan. She's the only one that Kengo can actually trust, Kengo shared his secret about his special locker to her.

Miu Kazashiro (Rikako Sakata): Third year. She's somewhat the queen of the school as she is a cheerleader. She's the daughter of a rich family. Ever since she was born, she was always treated like the queen bee. No matter where she goes in school, her two sidekicks will always follow her. She's a beautiful girl with pride.

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Jun Daimonji (Justin Tominori): Third year. The captain of the American Football team. There's a hierarchy going on in Amanogawa Academy, with sports-oriented guys on the top. They are usually bullies (referred as jocks). Jun is standing on the absolute top.

Tomoko Nozama (Shiho): First year. She's the goth girl with black make up under her eyes. She always brings her Tablet PC with her and has a weird laughter. She seems to fixate and obsess over various things, but the details are unknown.

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JK or Jake (Shion Tsuchiya): First year. Jake is the information provider of the school. He easily detects danger and is a coward who always runs away.

Sarina Sonoda (Yuka Konan): Gentaro's homeroom teacher and the teacher of classical literature. She's young and beautiful, every student loves her. Although, she has trouble with Gentaro and Kengo.

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Chuuta Oosugi (Takushi Tanaka): The geography teacher. He's a middle-aged man with bad looks and personality. No one seems to like him. He seems to be trying to get it with Sonoda, but it just won't happen.

The man with red eyes (Shingo Tsurumi): A mysterious man who caused some incident and has the "Zodiarts Switches" He seems to have a connection with the school, but he's a complete mystery.

Kamen Rider Fourze will premier on September 4th.


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